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Pair of 1800s antique brass astral electrified marble base lamps w/ hanging crystals and stunning vine and grape etched glass frosted shade

Pair of 1800s antique brass astral electrified marble base lamps w/ hanging crystals and stunning vine and grape etched glass frosted shade

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Make the ultimate statement in your home or business with this pair of antique lamps from the 1800s. This electrified astral brass lamp with marble base, elegant hanging crystals, pull chain and striking vine and grapes etched frosted glass shade was initially made to be an oil lamp and was electrified in the 1900s. Both lamps work beautifully. One lamp is missing a round crystal and long crystal, the other is missing a long crystal. These will look absolutely amazing in your bedroom, living room, hallway, entryway, bathroom, office, game room and more! The brass can be cleaned up on this, but we absolutely love the character it’s ages look brings!

Some fun history in regard to oil lamps prior to them being electrified - “It is difficult for us to comprehend today how dark most homes were after sunset prior to the advent of electric power in the 1880s. As late as the middle of the nineteenth century, candles, because they were costly, were used sparingly even in the homes of wealthy. Lamps, too, were expensive, as was the fuel they consumed. Plus they were troublesome and time-consuming to clean. Most families in the region had only one or two lamps per residence. Most would have been fueled by commercially made lard oil, which was produced by boiling pig fat. Not surprisingly, lard oil had a decidedly unpleasant odor and, like all oil lamps, it deposited a heavy layer of soot as it burned , necessitating the daily cleaning of lamp chimneys and shade. The best and cleanest-burning fuel available was whale oil, but it was expensive and rarely used, as was kerosene, which was not introduced in the South until the mid-1850s.”

What an amazing piece of history to have in your space!

All pictures are a true depiction of their look. If you have any questions please reach out!

Once an order is placed, we ship the item to you the same day. As a small Pittsburgh based company, we are so thankful for you shopping at The Antique Yard!


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  • The crystal lamp is exquisitely cut and sparkles beautifully! Having this vintage item leads me to wonder who originally had it. I wonder if the lamp struck that person the way it immediately called to me when I first saw it. I'm putting my living room together one piece at a time, so far your addition has truly added a lovely touch of class. Thanks so much for making it possible for me to get this treasure! -Allegra 

  • I was thrilled when I came across these glass candlestick holders! I had a set that was identical and one of them was accidentally broken. I'd been looking for another set on various websites for awhile. I am so happy I found The Antique Yard! The shipping was fast and the candlestick holders were packed appropriately and all arrived in tact! I just added them to my other two and they all look fantastic! -Shawn

  • Shipping was insanely fast and the item is exactly as described and photographed. I knew exactly what I was getting when I ordered it - no surprises, and that's a sign of a great seller! The package also came with the sweetest hand written thank you note, which I always appreciate - definitely a nice personal touch. Would recommend and order from again! - Chelsea